Q. How did you learn about Proxyism?
A. First, I received a witness that “baptism for the dead” was Biblical (1Cr 15:29); second, I discovered examples of Proxyism in the Bible, the atonement of Jesus Christ being chief amongst them.

Q. Why did you start this work?
A. I was visited by an ancestor who was a leader in the Mormon Church. He explained their temple oaths were an affront to God and requested that  I “loose” him from them.

Q. Will believers be busy doing for their dead what they failed to do in life during the Millennium?
A. I don’t know.

Q. How do you know God and angels respect the proxy work you do?
A. The departed relative returned shortly after the work was done and he was dressed in glory and had visited the Holy City, which before he was not able to do.