This is the method of binding the baptism for the remission of sins to the Lamb’s Book of Life and loosing all ungodly oaths and covenants from the books in heaven.


a. Full name and date of birth.

b. An officiant (baptizer, a believer of age).

c. A witness.

d. A proxy (a believer of age).

e. A recorder (optional).


1. Begin with prayer and/or holy communion.

2. The officiant and proxy will enter the water.

3. The recorder (or witness) will state the deceased’s name and date of birth from the recorder’s record book.

4. The officiant will say the following statement:

Deceased Name, Whereas baptism is a commandment of God to be preceded by a confession of faith and the repentance of sin.

Whereas baptism unites the repentant into the body of Christ and not any denomination.

Whereas any oaths and covenants entered into by you in life beyond those required by God are an offense to God.

By this baptism I loose you from all ungodly oaths and covenants, false baptisms and confirmations that you received in life and say unto you, receive now the one and only true ordinance required by God performed vicariously on your behalf by Officiants Name.

Deceased Name, having been commissioned by Jesus Christ I baptize you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

5. The proxy is fully immersed.

6. Each participant then signs the record book.  (Ideally, one line for the printed information with a second line for the signatures.

Example of a table: