These are the parameters of Proxyism:

a. Only those oaths and covenants that a person received in life need to be loosed. It is pointless to undo Mormon proxy work. No one is forced to receive godless proxy acts.

b. Acts committed in life cannot be erased after death.  You cannot rewrite a person’s life.  Remember, baptism is like a college application, it is up to God to whom He will grant access.

c. Baptism for the remission of sins is the only baptism required by God. Infant baptism is null and void and of no use in the afterlife whatsoever. Baptisms performed incorrectly are likewise of no use, including water pouring or sprinkling. If it’s not explicitly demonstrated in the Bible, then it’s an addition of man.

d. The age of accountability differs by country. We suggest as a general rule not to baptize for the remission of sins anyone younger than twelve (Jewish custom), or whatever the Holy Spirit may dictate on a case-by-case basis.